Superior natural materials, certified where possible and always to the highest environmental standards.
We work with European spinning mills, dyeing plants (France, Italy, Portugal) and manufacturers (Bulgaria, Portugal) whose working conditions at least meet the standards of the ILO (International Labor Organization).


Cotton - 100% organic, but we also use Egyptian long fiber cotton with exceptional properties including durability, softness and shine.
It is spun and dyed by an Italian company that works in partnership with Egyptian farmers and is strongly committed to environmental and social issues.
Our T-shirts are made from organic cotton from Turkey.
It is spun and dyed in Portugal by companies that are known for the quality of their work and are at the forefront of environmental standards.


Alpaca - alpacas live in harmony with nature in the Andean highlands.
Baby alpaca is a very fine alpaca yarn of 21-23 microns.
Alpaca wool is a very high quality fiber, softer, warmer, stronger and lighter than sheep's wool.
It is spun and dyed in Italy by a dedicated company that buys alpaca wool from a Peruvian cooperative.
Flax - European origin
Although the cultivation of flax requires very little fertilizer, pesticides and no irrigation, we prefer organic farming if we have the choice: this is the case for our French flax.

is the ecological textile fiber par excellence: it does not produce any waste because the whole plant is used and its mechanical transformation is the least polluting.
Like all colors in our clothing, our linen also has a Gots certification.